Hi, I’m Jessica

Hi! It’s very nice to see you on my blog!

My name is Jessica White. I am a motor preparation trainer, personal trainer and former athlete. Sport has been one of the most important parts of my life from the very beginning.

I want to show everyone that you don’t need a fat wallet, sacrifices, a strict diet and plenty of time to always be in shape. I hope that with me and with my sets of exercises you will find out for yourself that you can be fit every day – and without a spine!

I am a former athlete. For over eight years I have been training competitive sports, training athletics.

My discipline was sprints – 100 and 200 meters. My adventure with athletics began at the very beginning of the sixth grade of elementary school, when my older sister, also an athlete, led me to my first training.

I finished my adventure with competitive sports in 2014. Since then, I have been training alone – for health, fitness and good shape.

In the meantime, I realized that simple exercise for myself is not enough for me and I would like to share my passion with others, while making sure that they start their adventure with sport safely.

That is why I started my studies at the Academy of Physical Education and went through many trainings that allowed me to be a trainer.

I am a great supporter of general development training, drawing on various sports. I believe that such physical activity is the healthiest and most beneficial for us.


Fit Every Day was created to prove that EVERYONE, regardless of age, wallet content, amount of time, profession and problems, can be FIT. This is a place where I teach others how to slowly change their lives to live more consciously, actively and healthy, but at the same time to like it and not to overdo it.